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Our offer for you:


· Repair of speakers

· Spare parts for loudspeakers, in particular for Hans Deutsch loudspeakers

· Sale of refurbished Hans Deutsch speakers and other manufacturers

· Tuning of speaker systems

· Time correct speaker systems

Repair metronome Kalista

Repair of audio equipment

· Repair of CD players especially with CD-Pro and other manufacturers

· Spare drives for CD players with CD-pro2 from Philips

· Repair of older audio devices

Clock Upgrade for CD-Player

Tuning tools for digital audio equipment

· Precise clocks

· Special digital cables

· Special circuits for the transmission of digital audio signals

· Active and passive line filters

· power strips

CD-Player Kit

High end audio kits

· CD player

· DA converter

· Amplifier

AC Main Connector Cable

Electric Interconnection

· NF cable

· Digital Cable

· Power Cable

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