We are happy to repair your defective CD player and CD drives CD-Pro2 and other brands.

We have experiences in repairing and tuning CD-Player from all price ranges over a period of many years.

Some example of what we have already repaired:

Audio Research CD-Player Repair
Repair Metronome Kalista
Repair Audio Note CD-Player
CD-Player repair

We can also update or renew old components.

We look back on two decades working in the development and construction of CD players and contribute these experiences.

It is worth to repair old equipment in most cases, because they operate again after the repair for many years and there often is no more replacement for many CD-Player models.

We undertake the exchange for a fixed price.

This fixed price depends on whether your original device has a clock upgrade or not. For devices with clock upgrade our time complexity is slightly higher.

The prices examples amounted as follows for standard replacements:

  • replacement kit with refürbished CD-Pro assembling work, testing, excl. shipping 387, -. € incl. VAT, 325 € without VAT
  • repair of CD-Pro, new laser, assembling work, testing, excl. shipping 195, -. € incl. VAT, 164,- € without VAT
  • replacement kit with new CD-Pro, work, testing, excl. shipping 625, -. € incl. VAT, 525,21 without VAT

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