ATL Antares, Hans Deutsch M6, Repair kit

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Repair set for loudspeaker (pair): ATL Antares or Hans Deutsch M6, complete with new drivers and crossover, damping material and terminals.

The set includes the following Monacor components for 2 speakers:

2 x SPH-220HQ each €129.90
1 x SPH-145HQ as midrange driver 72,90 € each
1 x DT-350NF each € 72.90
1 x RBT-10 per unit € 64.50 Crossover per side 95,20 €

The sample set-up:

Elaborate crossover i with 18db for each tweeter.
High quality Mundorf capacitors and coils, MOX resistors.
Built up on wooden board, pure silver cable terminal board, bi-wiri per piece 25,90 € Insulation material + gasket 29 €

Mounting instructions included.