ATL Hans Deutsch HD 312 S, schwarz, gebraucht

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ATL HD 312 S (pair), black, real wood veneer, completely revised, incl. Covering, used, warranty 1 year

The speaker has been completely redesigned:

The case has light, age-related damage especially on the lower edges. These were repaired and repainted or painted over. Scratches were slightly overcoated on the top. Overall, a very nice looking speaker with black
Covering and perfect sound - as Hans Deutsch thought.

  • Housing newly stained and partially painted
  • Glued foil
  • new front cover in black
  • new connection terminal
  • new midrange
  • Capacitors and resistors exchanged for high-quality MKP or metal oxide
  • new wiring with OFC cable
  • Bass speaker with new bead and coating of the paper cone (1 year warranty)
  • Midrange new: coated Papiermebran, good-natured Rolloff, low distortion, light membrane, frequency response similar to the original SEAS (2-year warranty)
  • Tweeter, original cleaned
  • new insulation materials (bubble foam for the bass enclosure (only rear wall, as developed by Hans Deutsch), polyester wool for the midrange housing

Speaker restoration in detail:

  • new foam surround, well bonded
  • Dust cover calender newly glued
  • Paper membrane was thinly provided with a coating umd the membrane back to give the old stability.
  • Bass speakers played several hours

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