Jitter Killer for s/pdif - AES/EBU

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Reclock Sytem - Jitter Killer

A new sound out of the CD-Pro2LF!

This device co-operates outstanding with the CD-Pro transport. It is an really plug´and ´play device. It will be connected between s/pdif output of the CD-Pro or another CD-transport and the DAC.

The result is astonishing:

The sound works clear up and more calmly. The instruments and voices are better to locate in their position on the stage after the jitter killer is connected. The woman's voices are very silky. The high frequencies are less sharp. Everything works more vividly and more audible.

In different to other solutions which substitute the original crystal oscillator of the CD-Pro2lf against a better, the output signal of the CD-Two MKIII will be relieved from jitter by a special eliminating circuit called jitter-killer.

That has crucial advantages:

  • The CD-Pro2LF does not have to be changed. There is not a risk of a malfunctioning, because on the sensitive printed circuit board of the drive assembly must not be soldered for changing the crystal.
  • A later exchange of the transport is simply possible without expensive changes.
  • Upgrades can be simply re-tooled. No special extremely expensive and only with a reseller available components are needed.
  • The sound result is alike the solution with changing the crystal.

S/PDIF-Recklock System

By the circuit the following improvements are possible, which depend naturally strongly on the input signal and on the following THERE transducers entry stage:
It works all more calmly and more cleared up. The woman's voices are very silky. The high frequencies are less sharp. Everything works more vividly and more audible.


The jitter killer corrects the jitters of the afflicted input signals. The time errors of the input are revised by a PLL circuit (phase locked loop). (The PLL is an electronic switching configuration, which corrects the phase position and coherently with the frequency of a changeable oscillator in such a way over a closed automatic control loop affected that as small a phase deviation between an outside reference signal and the oscillator.)
The PLL inserts time correct flanks and separates the signal levels of useless flanks.
From the input signal the PLL wins a sturdy clock pulse, synchronoously with that
original beat of the input signal runs. - thus without jitters.

What you get:

1 x jitter killer modul (ready working)

1 x s/pdif and AES/EBU outputstage module (pcb and parts - not soldered)

1 x connector and cable set

Power Supply: 7 and 5 Volt

The power supply you can order here!