Upgrade kit for CD-Pro and other CD modules with clock output

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CS8421 Module

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter/Upsampling Module CS8421 32Bit/192kHz

Low jitter I2S output (using the clock output of the CD-Pro) via CS-8421 Cirrus chip.

Optional fixed upsampling can be set.

Own low noise power supply.

Output can be used as I2S or s/dif AES/EBU.

Technical data:

  • Input: I2S
  • Output: I2S
  • Max sampling rate 192kHz
  • 26 x 32 mm

The onboard clock is not used with this module! Instead, an external clock 16.9344 Mhz or the clock output of the CD module can be used.

The CD module is supplied with a low jitter clock. The already clean clock is passed on to the CS8421.

This module reduces the jitter of the I2S output.

The I2S signal can directly feed a DAC or it is converted to s/dif or AES/EBU by another module.

Referenz Clock

Accuracy 1 ppm

Technical data:

  • Dual Clock Output with UHF plugs (SMB type).
  • Instant Clock Signal, Main capacitor bank is delayed for trouble free integration in any CD / SACD or DVD player.
  • 3V / 5V output level setting on board.
  • New Ultra Low Noise Voltage Reference from Analogue Devices.
  • RG174 COAX cable with SMB plug included in each kit.
  • New Ultra Fast (5,2ns) Voltage Comparator (with factor 10 better signal/noise performance compared with XO2).
  • Disable function for DVD players with Standby mode.
  • 4 separate Voltage regulators, compared to 2 in XO 2.
  • 4 layer circuit board with two noise screening planes inside.
  • 1 ppm accuracy (+/- 17 Hz for a 16,9344 MHz clock).
  • Jitter factor 10 lower than other leading ref. Clock.
  • Effective Voltage Polarizing security.
  • Voltage monitor with Blue 'OK' LED.
  • Advanced Low Noise Design (91 active parts - compared with 43 in XO 2).

I2S zu S/pdif Konverter

The module works with the WM 8805 chip.

Technical data:

  • Input: 1x I2S input
  • Output: 1x BNC, 1x optique Toslink, 1x I2S output
  • Digital interface receiver: WM8805
  • Processor treatment: XinlinX XC95144XL

After that comes the

Line Treiber

Technical Data:

please refer to the PDF file or click here.

Everything is powered by a

discrete power supply

power supply.

Technical data:

  • Product type: Linear power supply module LT3042
  • Transistors: 1x Toshiba A1930
  • Output current (peak): 1A
  • Output current (continuous): 500mA
  • Minimum transformer: 9VAC
  • Output voltage0 - 15V
  • Outputs number1x outpus on screw terminals
  • RMS Noise0.8µV RMS (10Hz - 100kHz)
  • Noise2nV/√Hz (@ 10kHz)
  • PSRR79dB (@ 1MHz