ATL HD 312 S (pair), white, ash, real wood veneer, completely revised, repainted

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ATL HD 312 S (pair), white, ash, real wood veneer, completely revised, repainted, covering on request (surcharge), used, warranty 2 years / 1 year on woofer, original and restored

Perfect wood surface - repainted!

  • Cross Over with MKP capacitors and metal oxide resistors (old resistors are bridged)
  • The speaker has been completely redesigned: The housing is completely repainted with furniture color, white. The veneer is in a particularly high quality condition. The wood grain comes out beautifully through the special paint.

All in all a very nice speaker with perfect sound - like new - as Hans Deutsch thought.

Domestic equipments:

The loudspeaker has been equipped with new chassis in the mid and high tones, the switch has been completely reworked (original coils - new MKP capacitors for midrange and treble). The bass speaker has been completely redesigned with new special bead and new coating. It is a bass with double fold, which is particularly stable - sonically a treat.

The new chassis were selected to meet the specifications of Hans Deutsch:

  • Lightweight paper cone on the midrange
  • Only a little coating
  • Good-natured end of the frequency range without resonances, so that a 6dB crossover is possible.
  • Sparkling, homogeneous and dynamic tweeter with good dispersion and very good resolution

The speaker in detail:

  • Housing painted white with a particularly beautiful veneer
  • Ash, white - original real wood veneer
  • Front cover available on request for an extra charge in different colors. (Additional charge 50 €)
  • Terminal terminal with gold-plated terminals
  • Equipped with new high-end chassis from Monacor:
  • Tweeter DT-350NF
  • Midrange MSH-115 HQ

(Both high end chassis with excellent tests in sound & sound as well as HobbyHifi)

  • Bass Original Westra Bass restored with 1 year warranty.

  • Capacitors and resistors for high-quality MKP (Mundorf tin foil for high tone) or metal oxide exchanged
  • new cabling
  • new insulation materials (bubble foam for the bass enclosure (only rear wall, as developed by Hans Deutsch), polyester wool for the midrange housing

Sound characteristics:

The bass is very precise and fast - very deep and punchy. The lower pitch range is slightly less pronounced than in the original tuning (by the damping material). The midrange has a better dispersion and is just as impulsive as the original Seas Töner but much better dissolving and low distortion. The tweeter is as lively and dynamic as the KK10 calotte, but without its sharpness. The resolution is many times better. All in all a very dynamic and fresh playing loudspeaker without tendency to sharpness and correct draft.

A wide and deep stage with a perfect center image - After a short time you forgot that you are listening to a loudspeaker!

A loudspeaker that plays expensive loudspeakers on the wall!

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