disc clamp for CD-Pro2 , high-end, full metal

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Disc Clamp for CD-Pro2 - Disc Stabilizer

For replacement of the original Philips magnetic clamper

We are very proud to introduce our new high end full metal disc clamp with better performance as the original disc clamp.
It stabilise the CD and hold it perfectly to the turntable.

The secrete of the performance is the rubber ring that seems "to glue" the disc at it´s sensitive position and reduces that way resonance’s and hold the CD without deforming the CD like many other clamping solutions on the market.
The clamp is perfectly centred and fits also if one uses a CD-constraint.
The weight is extremely low, so that the lairs of the motor don’t lose it’s lifetime.
This is also a great advantage of this disc clamper.
It is not only the clamping force that ensures the correct holding of the CD. The rubber ring is crucial for the enhanced clamping with protecting the lairs of the motor.

We have measured the resonances of the CD mesured with original clamper and the fiull metal clamper.

The resonaces are reduced around 15 db with our clamper.

Weight: 76 g!, Dimensions: Height: 12,3 mm, diameter: 44,5 mm

Shipping worldwide 9,50 €!

400 pcs sold until now - only excellent feedbacks!